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Kršan can rightly take pride in its rich cultural and historical heritage which in some places dates back to the 11th century.

You will sense beauty and variety whether you start your visit with Kršan’s Kaštel municipality where the Istarski Razvod (Istrian Book of Boundaries) was found; Plomin’s chapel of St. George that treasures the oldest known Glagolitic inscription – the Plomin inscription; the western slopes of Učka and Kožljak castle; the Romanesque church of St. Quirin with its fresco dating back to the 15th century with a detailed depiction of the Adoration of the Magi by Albert, a famous painter; Čepić, a town having the same name as its lake which becomes dessicated and turns into cultivable fields; or Potpićan which is the youngest settlement in Istria.

In Kršan municipality are intertwined the remains of Glagolitic and sacral heritage along with old crafts, modern tourist offerings and a variety of gastronomic delights.
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The Castle in Kršan

Only a four-sided tower has been preserved of the old castle. Later on, defensive and residential buildings were erected around the tower. You could enter the castle using a stairway located in the entryway connected with the covered courtyard with a cistern in its centre. The courtyard was later opened towards the town following the opening of a door. Together with the dominant tower, the complex of the castle in Kršan consists of several rooms for the staff and the weapons, a large building used as residence of estate owners and a large separate kitchen.

Kršonski pir–Kršan wedding

A "Kršan wedding", is the folklore name for the local tradition of marrying which is characteristic of Kršan and the surrounding area. It follows in nine scenes the traditional courtship; engagement and wedding of groom Morko and bride Tonina and finishes with the christening of their child.

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Cycling routes

Cycling routes

FROM THE NORTH TO THE SOUTH, from the eastern to the western Istrian coast, on nearly 2,600 kilometres spread the already plotted sixty bike trails. Istria County Tourist Board has published so far six brochures entitled “Istria Bike” with trails plotted in detail and descriptions of mostly circular tracks stretching on 1,500 marked kilometres. Other bike trails, yet to be plotted, have covered all Istria like a spider web.
About 70% of the trails are mountain ones, i.e. unpaved or forest trails, while others are paved.

There are four official cycle routes, of which a fairly demanding route Staza istarskog razvoda is especially worth pointing out. The 53 km- long- route takes you from one of the oldest to one of the youngest towns in Istria.
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Enjoy gentle walks or strenous walking routes along Kršan and its surrounding. Numerous walking paths in nature or along the sea will provide you rest making your holiday memorable.
A walking path worth to be pointed out is the one leading to the peak of Sisol (835m) all the way to Brseč, a small town that “hangs” on a steep cliff 160m above sea level.
At the top you will find a concrete “pyramid” with a point of reference and 10 meters ahead there are two “tubes” containing two entry-books and 2 metal stamps.
The route is part of the 40km long Labin hiking trail.

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Old town Labin

Old Town Labin

A medieval town Labin is placed 10 km away from Kršan. With its rich cultural heritage it is a town of galleries and artists. Combining tradition and art, many cultural and artistic events, known as “Labin Art Republika”, are organised during summer.

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The highest mountain in Istria

If you want to admire one of the most stunning views in this part of Europe, you should climb the highest top of Učka- Vojak (1401m). If weather is nice, from a stone round tower at the top you will be enchanted by a breathtaking view which spreads over the peninusla, the islands of the northern Adriatic, the mountains of Gorski Kotar, Venice and the Alps.

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Fish specialities

Restaurant Martin Pescador

The restaurant Martin Pescador is placed in close proximity to the sea, in a small place Trget. The menu is completely irrelevant as people choose to eat in the restaurant for its high quality fresh fish caught by the owners themselves.

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