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Bar Olimp

Coffee bar Olimp is situated in the centre of Labin within the shopping mall Zelenice.
A variety of offers awaits you in the bar and on its terrace along with its friendly personnel.
Opening hours: 6.30- 01.00.

You will certainly be impressed by a sport spirit which is felt throughout the bar thanks to

numerous equipment dedicated to Valner Franković' s handball activity.

There can be seen outfits, equipment, trophies and medals, among the most important one- the gold medal won at the 1996 Olympic games. Come and feel the success of Valner's career which is worth his weight in gold.

Valner Franković

His greatest success was when his team won the first Croatian gold medal at the Olympic games in Atlanta which will be remembered for a long time in the world of sport.
You can see the Olympic gold medal displayed on in bar Olimp where you might be entertained by one of Valner's anecdotes from his rich sport life.

Valner Franković was born on 2 July 1968. He started to be an active handball player for Labin's handball club "Rudar" at the age of 10. An interesting fact is that he started his career as a goalkeeper. However, at the age of 14 he started playing on the outside left wing. He stood out for his physical strength, constitution and his shot which was often difficult to defend by the opponent goalkeeper and often resulted in scoring a goal. This did not escape the eyes of some «bigger» first league experts. As a consequence he was invited to play for handball club "Zamet" Rijeka at the age of 18 where he played five and half years. While playing for the club, he became one of the main players without whom the A league team was hard to imagine.

In 1991 he had a half season experience in B league "Guenzburg".
He came back to "Zamet" and at the same time «helped» the players of "Rudar", his fellow- town players to enter A league for half of the season.

The same year as "Rudar" succeeded to enter A league, he played for state champion "Badel 1862" and played for it 2 seasons. They have won the Croatian championship and Croatian cup twice and have gone into the European finals against "Elgoriaga Bidasoa". In 1995 he played for "Karlovačka pivovara" handball club where he stayed till 1998. In 1999 he spent one season in Modena (Italy).
In 2000 he returned to "Rudar" and after a year he brought his professional handball career to an end.
As a Croatian member of national team he won the Balkan National Championship in Romania in 1988 and Bulgaria in 1989.
In 1989 he won a bronze medal at the Youth World Championship in Spain. In 1996 he won a golden medal in Atlanta, and in 1997 at the Mediterranean Olympic games in Bari.

About us

After a successful handball career, Valner decided to return with his family to his hometown Labin in 2000.
He started his own business in the centre of the town by opening his own coffee bar, symbolically named “Olimp”. The sport spirit is felt throughout the bar and it is a popular meeting- place of the local sportsmen.

Olympic Golden Medal Atlanta 1996Valner Frankovic in gameJerseys and medals at the bar OlimpBar Olimp terrace